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Tuesday, 13 September 2011 09:29

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Reprint Shedule
NEO·GEO AES: next reprint 2017 (new insert design and cart sticker "regular edition")
Dreamcast: none (was reprinted 4 times already)

For what platforms are you releasing this game?
NEO·GEO AES / Homecart

Release dates?
Dreamcast: 21.06.2012
NEO·GEO MVS: 26.03.2012
NEO·GEO AES: 25.04.2013


Is this game compatible  to MVS to AES converters?

Phantom-1: not compatible without mod / requires modding of the adapter (DavidG mod)

Super Converter II: not compatible without mod

Deadalus: compatible / but difficult to insert cartridge

What's the language on the Shockbox Insert and Manual?

Insert speaks English. Manual speaks English and Japanese.

Is the game compatible to UNI-BIOS?

Yes 2.3 and 3.0 are tested


Will the MVS version use sacc. cartridges?

No, everything is custom made.



Does the AES version support software updates?

No it does not. The AES version will be published after the MVS version is out several month. It requires no updates.


Will the AES version use sacc. cartridges?

The game will use custom made PCBs and boxes.

Will the AES version run on PAL systems?

No, the game is only NTSC/60Hz/PAL60 compatible


What language does the manual speak?
It speaks English and Japanese.

Does it support VMU?
Yes it supports the offcial VMU. Some 3rd Party Memory Cards may not work.

What's the games resolution?
240p (progressive lowres)

Does it support my VGA box?

What's the best screen setup to display the game?
CRT via RGB cable or CRT via VGA box.

Will it work on my LCD with VGA?
Yes, but the quality of the picture depends on the TVs built-in upscaler or external upscaler.

Will it display highres?
No. Even with a VGA box utilized the game won't display highres. It will still display lowres graphics.

Does this game supports Internet Ranking?
Yes, but only via a password/code displayed after your highscore entry. You can enter that code here: http://ranking.ngdevteam.com/

Does this game supports Online Ranking via BBA?

Is the game Region Free?

Is the game compatible with my DC?
It's compatible with all European, US and Japanese DC units built before October 2001.