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Type of Business
Registered trade / private owned business
Commercial Independent Video Game Development Studio


About Us
NGDEV was founded in 2001 by the brothers Timm Hellwig and René Hellwig
We are a 2D game developer who is specialized in arcade style games.




2020 Release of Gunlord X for Switch as physical release

2019 Release of Gunlord X for Switch and PS4 as download

2019 Release of Kraut Buster / クラウト・バスター for NEOGEO MVS

2019 Switched company ID from NG:DEV.TEAM to NGDEV

2014 Release of RAZION / ラジオン for NEOGEO MVS / AES

2013 Release of NEO XYX / ネオ ザイクス for NEOGEO MVS / AES

2012 Release of Gunlord for NEOGEO MVS / AES and Dreamcast

2011 Release of Fast Striker iOS

2010 Release of Fast Striker NEOGEO MVS for home market and Japanese arcade

2010 Release of Fast Striker 1.5 Dreamcast

2009 Release of Last Hope: Pink Bullets

2008 Last Hope Dreamcast becomes the best sold indie title on the system

2007 Release of Last Hope Dreamcast and NEOGEO CD

2006 Release of Last Hope for NEOGEO AES

2005 Announcement of our debut game Last Hope for NEOGEO

2001 NGDEV / NG:DEV.TEAM has been founded